Morella RoadResidential

A stone’s throw from Wandsworth Common lies an epicurean choice of shops and restaurants and a home that has been growing with the family who live there. We have been back there many times to progress the house in a number of phases. First, we updated the master bedroom and the rooms of the three boys before upgrading the living room. More recently we added an extension to the back and an enlarged loft. 

The boys’ bedrooms have been designed to appeal their imaginations such as an interlinked door between the bedrooms and porthole windows.

On the first floor, partitions were removed enabling us to create an unusual en suite: a bay window and two large contemporary chandeliers were used as an axis for sequence of spaces between the bathroom and resized bedroom.

On the ground floor, a new extension was created with large sliding doors giving access to the garden. This was linked to the boys’ playroom and a spacious kitchen that included a breakfast area and a space for arts and crafts. 

This has been an interesting project because of the organic way the house has been developed and is being used. The rooms are designed to meet the needs of a growing family with lifestyles that change with the years, the seasons and even the time of day or night.