Royal CloseResidential

Within the sound of applause from Wimbledon’s Centre Court this four-storey home had a problem: a conservatory that faced a blank wall so consequently became a storeroom.

We were being asked to create a family space out of the conservatory, kitchen and dining space with better access to its attractive garden.

The house was very long and dark so we added windows to the kitchen and French doors to the dining area thereby using light to separate the two areas. 

We then turned our attention to the living room. The old conservatory was replaced by an extension to the back wall under a flat roof in which there was a long skylight. The new room was re-oriented so that it opened on to the garden with a large glass sliding door that passed across the face of a dark cladded wall. With the door opened, the living room expands onto a re-laid terrace with outdoor dining and relaxation areas. 

The colour palette of the interiors was based on a white background and a stone floor to contrast with the bold colours of the chairs, artworks and soft furnishings. Meanwhile, the dark cladding and some strategic landscaping gave a much prettier look to the property and brought a better balance to its four-storey elevation.